Vienna Open 2024

We are happy to announce the First Vienna Open Tournament as an EGF Grand Prix bonus C tournament. It will be held on June 29-30, 2024 in the heart of the University of Vienna Campus.

Rules and Tournament System

  • Japanese rules, 6.5 komi
  • 5 rounds, MacMahon system, no handicap
  • EGF rated – class A
  • Time settings: 1 hour + 3×30 seconds
  • This tournament is part of the Austrian Championship qualification.

Participation Fee

  • 25€ for players registered until June 15th
  • 15€ for players aged under 18 and above 65
  • +5€ for players registered after June 15th
  • +5€ for players who are not members of any European Go club or association


Don’t forget to register! See registered players here.


The responsible organization club is the Go7 Go club.
Main organizer: Mirta Medak
Chief referee: Damir Medak

Three players and two reserves will form the appeals committee at the venue before the start of the tournament.


Saturday – June 29
9:00 – Registration
10:00 – Opening Ceremony
10:30 – Round 1
14:30 – Round 2
17:30 – Round 3

Sunday – June 30
10:00 – Round 4
14:30 – Round 5
17:30 – Prizegiving

The schedule is subject to change.

Prizes – updated!

1st: 500 €
2nd: 300 €
3rd: 200 €
4th-5th: 100 €
6th-8th: 50 €
best female player: 50 €
best U18: 50 €
5 wins: 50€
non-cash prizes for the best three U12 and U18

  • The best placed EGF player gets a seat in Grand Prix Finals.
  • The first five EGF players get Grand Prix bonus points: 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point respectively.
  • According to the GP requirements, minimal prize money of 20€ per earned GP point is included in the listed prizes. This means that a non-EGF player who achieved top 5 will receive the listed prize minus the minimal reserved Bonus point prize. (Example: if a non-EGF player wins the first place, they will receive 500€ – 160€ = 340€).


The address: Alser Straße 4, 1090, Vienna. This is the University of Vienna Campus. The tournament takes place in the Old Chapel of the Campus, right between the first and second courtyards. Google maps

A street festival is taking place at the Campus on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Good part – a lot of activities for youth, party in the evening for the others. Food, drinks, and shopping possible non-stop. Regarding the expected loudness – we will try to keep the playing hall as quiet as possible. If necessary, round 2 and 3 will be played in language center classrooms, also located at the Campus, but probably more soundproof.

You can reach the Campus by public transport; the underground line U6 , Alser Straße station is 13 minutes walk or 7 minutes by tram lines 43 and 44. Towards the city center, U2 Schottentor station is 12 minutes walk or 7 minutes by tram lines 43 and 44.

On-street parking is generally free after 12:00 on Saturday and all Sunday (no matter where/when you park, look at the signs—rules are different depending on the area).

Go Sightseeing in Vienna

Check out this old but gold article written by Viktor Lin about Go sightseeing in Vienna! One info is outdated – the Go club Go7 moved from Mariahilfer Straße to Lerchenfelder Straße 97.

Pictures are taken from the EGF website.


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